Sunday, December 2, 2007

India trip - Day 1

(2 Dec 2007)

Well, we finally arrived in India! Mahesh and I are here to give training seminars to the employees of the outsourcing/staff augmentation company we work with here In Delhi, Tavant. We left Friday evening from New York JFK and arrived in Brussels on time (7:30 am on Saturday). Then in Brussels there was a three hour delay due to some power outages - argh. We got into Delhi at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, and after a not-too slow immigration line, we waited an hour for our bags to come through in baggage claim. Then, another hour and a half from the airport to the guest house in Noida (about 14-15 miles from Delhi proper). I then passed out at about 6a.m. for six hours on the bed! The two legs of the flight were each about 7 or 8 hours in length, so a more bite-sized trip compared with the straight 12 hours from New York to Tokyo.

We flew Jet Airways, and must say I was very impressed. The Indian food they served on the flight was great - hands down the best in-flight meals I've ever eaten. The seats were quite comfortable and in addition the the standard bask recline, the seat moves forward so you can get a few more degrees closer to flat (it's still coach, though).

This afternoon we're just relaxing here at the guest house and will be picked up by Navin, one of our guys at Tavant. Not sure what the plan is, but hopefully something fun!

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