Sunday, February 24, 2008

Solaris Live Upgrade notes

Here's some handy tips for using Open Solaris Live Upgrade. Really, this is just my set of notes, most of which I've pilfered from this article. I'm not a Solaris expert my any stretch of the imagination, but this may be helpful to someone out there (even me....)

First, download the DVD ISO (or the separate CD images and cat them together). Then mount the ISO:
lofiadm -a /dev/lofi/1
mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/lofi/1 /mnt

Install the new install packages (this is a separate step from the rest of the upgrade):
/mnt/Solaris_11/Tools/Installers/liveupgrade20 -noconsole -nodisplay
(runs in less than a minute)

If you have more than one existing slice (and you need to chuck it for space reasons):
ludelete -n
(runs in about 40 seconds)

Create a new slice by copying your original:
lucreate -c -n -m /::ufs
(this takes about two hours on my crappy ThinkPad)

Now, upgrade the new slice:
luupgrade -u -n -s /mnt
(this takes about two and a half hours on my crappy ThinkPad)

Finally, make it the actrive slice for the OS:
(runs in less than a minute)

If you are using a windowing environment, log out and and log into a command line terminal. Then:
init 6
and (if you're on a crappy ThinkPad), reboot.

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