Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cassandra Java client libraries

I'm keeping a running list of Cassandra Java client libraries, so it's not always going to be complete. If you have any additions, please ping me!
  • Hector
    • actively developed in the open source community
  • Astyanax
    • developed by Netflix
    • open sourced Feb 2012
  • Cassie 
    • written in Scala
    • developed by Twitter
    • open sourced Feb 2012
  • Cassandra-Hector-Wrapper 
    • A wrapper around Hector to simplify the access / object model
    • developed by zcourts
    • open sourced Feb 2012
  • Skeletor
    • written in Scala
    • A wrapper around Hector


Joe Stein said...

There is also a Scala wrapper for hector

Jason Brown said...

Adding skeletor now. Thanks!