Thursday, February 26, 2009

Java Annotations and Proxies

Just discovered this: If you create a class with annotations of any kind, those annotations (and any other metadata) is lost when the object is proxied. Google searching didn't turn too much on the subject, but I did find this post about one work around (but it only relates to Hibernate). This seems sort-of innocuous on the surface (from a language/API level), but with every framework under the sun using reflection/proxies to add real value, this really does suck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. So would free cocktails....

UPDATE: OK- here's what I've now uncovered. In my original case, I was getting a bean via Spring and was trying to get the annotations by simply reflecting on various methods - no dice. In my real world case, however, I am looking at the target object via an aspect (meaning, I am inspecting the invoked object while in the aspect code). From the ProceedingJoinPoint object that is a parameter into my aspect method, I can see all the annotations.

I think I still need a cocktail...

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