Monday, March 2, 2009

Erlang records

Erlang progress update: I've been sidetracked by working on some Java reflection for $DAYJOB (not bad/unfreindly stuff, just needed to work through it), so I'm now back on my side project. Working through Joe Armstrong's book, I'm now looking at Erlang records (pg 69+). Records seem like a cool to add names to tuples so you end up with something that feels like a name-value pair map or, if you take the analogu further, almost like an object. Granted the tuple is just a linked list, and I'm not sure of the implementation of a record, if it keeps an index of pointers to each named tuple 'field', or anything like that (yeah, I coulda google'd - its still early though), but still, a handy feature for OO folks.

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